Affiliate General Blocks

This page contains some of the blocks related to Affiliates. The rest of them can be found on the Affiliates list, Affiliates table and Single affiliate pages.

This block is used to display featured affiliates. You can select which specific Reviews you want to display, choose the Thumbnails’ links and enter the Featured title in the middle.

You can place PokaTheme Featured Affiliates in any page/post/widget you want.

PokaTheme Affiliates Search is used to display an ajax search form about affiliates. Υou can modify the placeholder and choose if you want to display affiliates results only from a specific category.

You can place PokaTheme Affiliates Search in any page/post/widget you want.

PokaTheme Carousel is used to display a carousel. You can modify the type of the elements that appear, the style of the carousel and the number of  items per row.

You can place PokaTheme Carousel in any page/post/widget you want.